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Product Specialities

Transformers consist of a magnetic core and two or more coils of wire wound around this core. The core contains the magnetic flux created by alternating current in the primary winding. Magnetic flux in the core couples to a secondary winding so when voltage is introduced in the primary coil, it magnetizes the core, inducing a voltage in the secondary or output coil.

About Us

We Deliver Superior Quality Components

Hill Technical Sales meets the component needs of manufacturers who have either "pure" power conversion applications, for example, inverters, ASDs, AFEs, UPS', or embedded applications, such as industrial-scale energy storage (ES), photovoltaic (PV), DC fast chargers, large medical equipment, or medium voltage infrastructure projects.

We also support advanced imaging technologies with embedded machine vision, TOF (Time of Flight), and 3D point cloud creation.

Lastly, Hill Technical Sales has unique experience in components for UV Curing Systems.

Design-in Service
From the initial design stage to project completion, the expertise of our application specialists is called upon by electrical, mechanical, and optical imaging design engineers at leading companies.