About Us

About Us

We Deliver Superior Quality Components

Hill Technical Sales delivers over 50 years of expert design and superior quality components for use in systems requiring Electrical Power Conversion, Thermal Management, Medium Voltage Systems, UV Curing, EMC Compliance, or equipment where electro-optical components are key to the design. Our application specialists assist engineering designers in several elements of product design.


Hill Technical is known for expert technical knowledge, integrity, and vision as the leading Component Manufacturers’ Representative firm in the “Great Lakes Region” of the Midwest. We excel in supporting our customers’ product development and rapidly changing design requirements.

Our original components were at the beginning of two innovative revolutions:

Electrical Power Conversion

Custom transformers were used as the basis of AC/DC power supplies whether they were line frequency isolation transformers for linear power supplies or ferroresonant transformers used in the original UPS’ or DC to AC sinewave output inverters. These products have evolved to high-frequency materials and components to support low voltage and medium voltage, up to megawatt-scale systems.


This began with LDR’s (light dependent resistors), which were the original photodetector. These evolved into two and four-element pin photo-diodes, photo-transistors, then CCD’s and finally high-end CMOS based image sensors with over 65 million elements.
As these technologies evolved, our product line continues to progress. We offer a variety of inter-related supportive components to our customers, yet our focus remains the same.

Hill Technical Sales offers you:

Long-Term Relationship Sales. The intangible value of our relationship with existing customers is so great, we are given the first opportunity to meet any new challenge.
Trade Show Exposure. Hill Technical Sales attends all pertinent area trade shows. We have an attractive 10 X 10 booth and a tabletop display that gives your company professional coverage while meeting engineers “on their own turf”.
Responsive Communications. We are able to provide prompt and accurate responses to both customer and principal inquiries, due to our uniquely integrated SQL and Actian Zen databases. This integration brings seamless CRM contact and opportunity tracking along with product usage tracking under one system. This is an extension of our world-class web tools, providing product information, web tracking, and effective product communications. Through these innovations we keep our principals and customers in touch with the latest information, enabling them to rapidly and efficiently operate.
Timely Advertising and Promotion. We continuously track numerous projects and provide timely information at the appropriate decision points. Based on where engineers are in their product design, we offer synergistic solutions that they may not have been aware of. Using our proprietary custom algorithms created over the last 20 years, we predictively know the products a group will likely be interested in, and provide important new product information which can have a significant positive impact on their design.
Single Point Account Responsibility. Our account specialists are responsible for the overall maintenance of the “supplier-purchaser relationship”. We are always looking for opportunities to implement emerging technologies or cost reductions through design improvements.

Corporate Staff

Hill Technical Sales staff is composed of degreed individuals with more than ten years of industry experience as knowledgeable application specialists.

Corporate Vision

Hill Technical Sales is committed to being a technical component marketing firm specializing in all aspects of Electrical Power Conversion, Thermal Management, Electro-Optics, EMC Compliance, UV Curing, and related subassemblies.

Project Time-lines

We understand that typical product design cycles often take 1 to 2 years. From rough concept to production orders, we provide top quality consistent service and follow through.

Superior Service

We understand our markets and provide engineers extraordinary service with cost-effective and superior technical solutions.

We are looking for:

Technologically innovative, world-class manufacturers of quality components for use in high power or imaging applications.

Hill Technical Sales Purpose

Hill Technical Sales meets the component needs of manufacturers who have either “pure” power conversion applications, for example, inverters, ASDs, AFEs, UPS’, or embedded applications, such as industrial-scale energy storage (ES), photovoltaic (PV), DC fast chargers, large medical equipment, or medium voltage infrastructure projects. We also support advanced imaging technologies with embedded machine vision, TOF (Time of Flight), and 3D point cloud creation.

Sales Expertise

Our application specialists assist engineering designers in several elements of product design. Typical areas of expertise include:

Conversion magnetics
Thermal management
Optical Sensors
Active components

We understand project management

We manage the ins and outs of getting components designed into a variety of new products.
We have engineering expertise in a wide variety of power and imaging-related technologies.
Our experience allows us to successfully manage technically difficult or involved project time lines.
We provide superior service through a knowledgeable dedicated sales staff.

Strategic objective

Hill Technical Sales is focused on providing our customers within our target markets with the most innovative, cost-effective, efficient, and reliable power components to solve their power conversion needs. Our objective is not just to become another source but to raise the benchmark for customer expectations for service, technical support, and reduced total acquisition costs.

Geographic Territory

Hill Technical Sales covers the traditional CORE Midwest territory of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. This also extends to the Central Great Lakes region of Ohio, Michigan, Missouri and Minnesota.

Territory maps with minimal acceptable territories are available upon request by e-mailing sales@hilltech.com.

Company History

Ronald J. Hill founded Hill Technical Sales in 1966 after 10 years of corporate strategic planning experience in industrial controls. Ron also co-founded a major magnetics company located in the Midwest which he later withdrew from to pursue his manufacturers’ representative business.

In 2002 after 19 years of experience with Hill Technical Sales, Andrew Hill took over as President and expanded on the original company focus, providing technical product solutions.

Design-in Service

From the initial design stage to project completion, the expertise of our application specialists is called upon by electrical, mechanical, and optical imaging design engineers at leading companies like:

  • 3M
  • BAE Systems
  • Cummins Power Systems
  • Eaton Corporation
  • G&W Electric
  • GE Healthcare Systems
  • Miller Electric
  • Nidec
  • Regal Beloit
  • Rockwell Automation, Inc.
  • S&C Electric Company
  • Siemens Healthcare

Our technical team is endlessly improving to:

  • Increase our conceptual skills.
  • Emphasize relationships with our principals and OEM customers.
  • Create opportunities for collaboration.
  • Continuously advance our technical skills.
  • Be accountable and act with integrity.
  • Enhance our interpersonal skills.
  • Communicate more effectively.