UV Irradiators

Lamp Irradiator Assemblies

Our proven LIA's (UV Lamp Irradiator Assemblies)are UV reflector assemblies which provide an instant solution to reliable cooling of UV lamps. These lamp housings provide mounting and a highly efficient method of focusing UV energy on to the curing surface. Many engineers find that the most time consuming aspect of building a UV curing system is controlling UV bulb temperature and focusing UV energy on to the curing surface. Incorrectly maintaining lamp temperature severely degrades the performance and life of any UV lamp.

Irradiator Construction

These UV irradiators consist of a heavy-duty housing supporting a linear extruded heatsink and a reflective insert, which acts as an enhanced reflectance liner. The UV reflective material is in intimate contact with the heatsink extrusion allowing it to resist the heat-related yellowing that plague other non-heatsink based designs. In the event that the reflector sheet becomes damaged, it is easily replaced, minimizing down time.

Our UV dryer reflectors are designed specifically for each ultraviolet lamp size. They maintain optimum arc lamp operation temperatures on the medium pressure mercury vapor lamp envelope, end seals, and end-fittings. The irradiator forms an air-cooling plenum, cooling the ultravilolet lamp end-fittings and not over cooling the UV curing lamp envelope.

In addition to lamp cooling (these also work with a metal halide lamp) our Lamp Irradiator Assembly allows for cooling of the work surface and supporting the lamp above the substrate, reflecting UV energy in an efficient curing pattern.

Purpose of an irradiator assembly is to :

  1. focus the lamp UV energy optimally for fast curing
  2. support the lamp above the substrate,
  3. maintain proper cooling of the lamp envelope, capillary, and end-fittings

UV Irradiators (reflector assemblies)are used in conjunction with other UV components, such as magnetic ballast, or metal halide ballast and arc lamp, to form a complete UV curing center providing effective UV drying of your product. Replacement UV reflector liners or UV reflector sheets and lamps are also available.

Even Cooling

The heatsink-based irradiator system provides thermal mass to allow even lamp cooling. This mass prevents transient changes in heating/cooling from being immediately transmitted to the lamp and impedes localized imperfections in cooling from manifesting themselves into thermal gradients. Heat sink based LIA’s are inherently a more robust approach to uniform lamp cooling and result in longer UV lamp life.


Efficient Cooling

Optimizing cooling efficiency in an LIA is achieved by using a heatsink-based aluminum reflector, where the material has a high thermal conductivity and the design maximizes the effects of surface area and turbulence. Within reason, the more surface area the better the lamp cooling. Also important is turbulence, because of the skin effect in cooling. A thin layer of air surrounding a cooling surface acts as a thermal insulator impeding the effect of forced air-cooling. This layer needs to be disrupted by turbulent airflow, which can be created by providing irregular fins and fin geometries.

Our LIA's offer :

  1. Longer UV-lamp life.
  2. More UV energy to the curing target improving your throughput.
  3. Two focus versions.
  4. Faster development time in implementing cooling for UV curing equipment.
  5. No design or tooling investment required.
  6. Reduced parts count.
  7. Excellent option for UV retrofit system.
  8. Improved quality and better UV cure results through consistent cooling.
  9. Flexible lengths for almost any UV system: can be used for lamp arc lengths from 4 to 100 inches.
  10. UV Irradiators also have applications in ultraviolet blood irradiation, sterilization, water sterilizers, and air sterilizer.

One of the most important features of our LIA's is the construction. This consists of a heavy duty extruded housing which contains an extruded reflector profile. Inside this reflector profile is a high UV reflectance metal insert, which conforms to this profile. In addition to being rugged, the extruded reflector provides a large mass, which dissipates heat evenly. It allows uniform cooling across the entire lamp length. AC fans with appropriate wiring and lamp mounting provisions are also included.

Two focus versions are available:

Elliptical version projects a one inch wide focus approximately 2.5” inches from the bottom of the LIA to the curing surface.

Non-focused (parabolic reflector) version projects an evenly diffused source of UV energy on the curing surface, approximately 4 to 5" wide.

How much longer is the LIA than the arc of the lamp?

* Overall length is approximately 10 to 11 inches longer than the lamp arc length.

Standard irradiators

Part Number Lamp Arc Length Irradiator Length
HIR1004 4.00" 14.06"
HIR1006 5.31" 16.75"
HIR1008 8.00" 18.93"
HIR10012 12.47" 23.71"
HIR10018 18.47" 29.28"
HIR10020 20.00" 30.65
HIR10025 25.47" 36.28"
HIR10030 30.47" 41.28"
HIR10032 32.00" 43.09
HIR10038 38.47" 49.28"
HIR10042 42.00" 52.81"
HIR10048 48.47" 59.28"
HIR10050 50.00" 60.81"
HIR10055 55.87" 66.68"
HIR10060 60.47" 71.28"
HIR10065 65.00" 75.81"
HIR10072 72.00"" 83.09
HIR10077 77.46" 88.28

* Above chart lists a few of our LIA's.