CMOS sensors

We offer sensors for detecting light from the ultraviolet to the infrared. These products vary in complexity from IC chips to full camera modules. Typically these are integrated into products for resale, or for in-house instrumentation.

Detection products

  • CMOS area devices
  • Line scan (area device inline mode)
  • Line scan cameras
  • High speed area cameras
  • Global shutter
  • Rolling shutter
  • NIR low-light devices
  • Color (Bayer pattern)

CMOS Sensor Capabilities

Our CMOS offering includes standard, semi-custom, and custom arrays.

Whether you need a standard CMOS device, semi or full-custom CMOS image sensors, or imager-enabled system-on-chip products, we can work with you to provide a solution that meets the goals of your product. This begins with the quality and performance of the analog front-end sensor and continues with our CMOS imaging toolbox. This toolbox consists of ‘tried and tested’, easy-to-implement ‘block-based’ IP components. These imaging building blocks extend integration as deep into the total system as required.


NIR low light device
CMOS NIR Improved

NIR enhanced sensitivity

New “deep well’ technology uses a higher bulk resistivity, creating a well structure suited to improved absorption of longer wavelengths, allowing for better MTF and CVF. Typical Applications include Industrial/Commercial security, Automotive, Industrial machine vision, barcode reading, high-speed scanning, UV, visible, IR wavelength image capture, Medical, Biometric, Professional, and pro-consumer cameras (DSLR, broadcast, cine), Display/print color measurement devices.

CMOS Multi ROI Feature

CMOS Multi ROI Feature

The Multi ROI feature allows you to have several active windows within a scene to output multiple areas of interest. Other solutions require you to have multiple sensors. This feature is like having 4 separate sensors under the same lens.

CMOS camera kits

CMOS camera development kits are available to reduce the time to market of your imaging project.

About CMOS Area Devices

Hill Technical Sales are the mid-western U.S. representative for e2v professional imaging, and industrial CMOS devices. These CMOS devices provide a method of converting an optical image to an electronic format.

Features for Industrial applications
  • Pixel elements with the best SNR.
  • Pixel sizes ranging from 2.8 to 14µm
  • NIR options.
  • High speed: 416fps at 12bit (ToF sensor)
  • Dual shuttering modes: Electronic rolling shutter lower temporal noise and Global shutter for capturing fast-moving objects.
  • Multi ROI: for example 4 x windows to output multiple areas within a scene like having 4 separate sensors under the same lens.
  • Very low power consumption <200mW @ full res/frame rate Binning modes.
  • Better image quality at high temp at 70°C.
CMOS Camera KitFinal

Chart of CMOS parts available